CB Cobra 29 LX

Brand: COBRA
Product Code: Cobra-19DXIV
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  • Selectable 4-Color LCD Display Choose from four easy-to-read display colors: red, blue, green and amber.
  • 10 NOAA Weather Channels Instant access to 10 National Weather Channels, 24 hours a day, in all 50 states.
  • Emergency Weather Alert Alerts you if threatening weather is nearby with an alert tone even when CB is turned off.
  • Auto Weather Scan Automatically scans the weather band for strongest channel.
  • Weather Alert Scan Automatically scans for the nearest weather alert signal.
  • Frequency Display Displays operating channel frequency of CB and weather band.
  • Radio Check Diagnostic Allows testing of important radio functions such as RF power, antenna condition and battery voltage. Channel Scan Allows scanning of all 40 channels.
  • Clock/Timer/Alarm Provides a clock/alarm and on-duty timer for professional drivers.
  • Memory Channels Stores up to 10 frequently used channels. Memory.
  • Channel Scan Allows scanning of up to 10 channels stored in memory.
  • 4 Watts AM RF Power Output The maximum allowed by law.
  • Talk Back This control is used to adjust the desired amount of modulation talk back that is present at the speaker during transmit.
  • SWR Calibration Allows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance.
  • Antenna Warning Indicator Visual alert when antenna needs checking.
  • Delta Tune Used to clarify incoming signals.
  • RF Gain Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.
  • Switchable NB/ANL For increased noise reduction.
  • Selectable Key Tone Allows key tone to be turned on or off.
  • Day/Night Dimmer Control Adjusts brightness of the front panel for day and night driving.
  • Instant Channel 9/19 Instant access to emergency channel 9 and information channel 19.
  • 4-Pin Front Microphone Connector Allows convenient installation to be in dash or under dash.
  • Tactile Controls Allows you to actually feel where the dial is in it’s rotation without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Adjustable Dynamike® Boost Dynamically boosts microphone for increased voice clarity.
  • PA Capability Use the CB radio as a Public Address System with a PA speaker. Receive signals can also be monitored through PA.
  • Noise Canceling Microphone Allows crystal clear communication in a noisy environment


  • Unit Dimensions 2.25” H x 7.25” W x 9.25” D (57.15mm x 184.15mm x 235mm)
  • Unit Weight 5.6 lbs. (2540.12g.)
  • Frequency Control: Phase Lock Loop Synthesizer
  • RF Output Power: 4 Watts
  • CB Channels: 40 Channels (26.965 to 27.405 MHz)
  • WX Channels: 10 Channels (161.650 to 163.275 MHz)


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