CB Cobra 19DX IV EU

Brand: COBRA
Product Code: Cobra-19DXIV
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The Cobra 19DX IV EU CB Radio has an illuminated LCD display with power meter, channel number display and TX/RX signal display.

This is the first EU spec multiband radio from Cobra ! And its a cracker. Search the internet for various reviews.
This compact, type approved version features volume, squelch, RF gain, manual channel selector, channel 9 and 19 instant access and an LCD display with bar graph S meter.

Supplied with power lead and fitted cigar lighter plug, fixing bracket and chunky classic style Cobra mike.
Can be user programmed for UK and European Mid band as well as all other European AM and FM frequencies so ideal for both UK and touring use.

Brand new and boxed with warranty


This 42 inch high performance antenna designed for superior range attaches easily to the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle. Offers weather channel reception, a heavy duty braided 15-foot coaxial cable, easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle, Black Stainless Steel whip and Hardware, 26-30 MHz Frequency range.




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